Best California Beach Vacations for You and Your Family

Le Fri 13 January 2017

1. Vacations are the restorer of the soul!

2. Family vacations build memories to look back on for the rest of your life      - and the lives of your children and grandchildren!

3. Vacations bring family ties closer together with their shared memories.

4. Vacations to the beach are loved by nearly all.

5. California beach vacations have something for everyone.

Our family is from Tucson, Arizona. Did you ever hear of Beach-Front Property in Arizona? Maybe just in a song! Living in the desert, we use our family vacations to go to the Beach in California. We often bring our grandchildren with us. Follow our footsteps, learn from our experiences - and build yourself and your family some wonderful California Beach Vacations.

Fun Activities & Events: Disneyland,fishing,shopping,surfing, swimming & more.

Summer is the busiest at Disneyland! Since this is when kids are off school, here's suggestions for planning with and around the crowds to make the most of your time. You can call to request a free planning guide: (800) 225-2057. With the planning guide, decide how and when to incorporate the "Fastpass" into these suggestions.

First 2 weeks in June

Last week in August

First 2 weeks in September
are your better choices. Avoid the 4th of July weekend and all Saturdays. Fridays are the best, followed by Sundays, then Wednesday and Thursdays.

If you plan to visit more than 1 day, spread out your visit. Multi-day Disneyland passes don't have to be used on consecutive days. Use your 2-day passport on Friday and Sunday for example.

GET THERE BEFORE OPENING - Most important! Arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour early. You'll be arriving with those purchasing early entry package deals. Call for opening hours (which can be flexible) the day before. This year for its 50th anniversary celebration, many rides are being refurbished. Call to get the most recent updates on which rides are closed and when. (714) 781-7290. Usually you can get to 10 to 12 rides a day, so go for the most popular ones right after the park opens. Shop along Main Street  (Opening before the rest of the park) for your souvenirs now instead of the evening when the stores are crowded. Use lockers near the entrance to stash purchases.

FIRST STOPS - At the foot of Main Street enter facing Sleeping Beauty Castle. Have your map for navigation. If your kids are older and you want the coaster rides, turn right heading for Tomorrowland to Space Mountain and the Matterhorn. Star Tours also gets long lines fast so consider that as an early choice. By the time you're done there  the big initial rush at Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland and Splash Mountain will have dissipated and you can head for those.

If your children are too young for the coasters, go straight for Fantasyland upon arrival. You'll find it quite uncrowded first thing and the kids will get right on Dumbo, Mad Tea Party and King Arthur Carrousel. These cycle rides have fixed capacities and lines are very long by 11 a.m.

AFTER 11 A.M. - Avoid the coaster rides now. Rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White's Scary Adventure increase their capacity by adding trains/boats/cars as the crowds build. Now's the time. They're quick-loading. Others include Haunted Mansion, Mark Twain Steamboat and the Jungle Cruise.

LUNCH TIP - Avoid the crowds by eating before 11:30 or after 2. Don't go the fast-food "deception." You can spend 1/2 hour in line. The best value is probably the Big Thunder Barbecue in Frontierland. Fast service of ribs, chicken and sandwiches at reasonable prices. Their tables in a quiet shaded area next to the Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo, are convenient for the kids' entertainment while you relax and finish eating.

MIDAFTERNOON - This is probably the most challenging part of the day. It's the warmest, most crowded, lines the longest, nerves somewhat frazzled, kids getting cranky, etc. It's the time for less-frequented, yet air conditioned rides. Try It's a Small World, the Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Playhouse, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, and Main Street Cinema. Or relax at the Grand Californian or the Disneyland Hotel.

DINNERTIME - If you're staying nearby, it's best to take a few hours back at your lodgings for dinner and freshening up, then returning for the evening. If not...consider taking the monorail to the Disneyland Hotel for numerous choices of restaurants: better food than inside the park, and all-told - still faster than waiting in line for food in the park. But if you don't want to go outside, the Blue Bayou Restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean is a best choice. Remember to make reservations as early as park opening at the restaurant door for a time before 6 p.m.

EVENING FESTIVITIES - The topper of the night is the "Believe: There's Magic in the Sky" fireworks display. It is done in true Disney fashion and you won't be disappointed that you stayed to see it.

FURTHER INFO - Of're there for enjoyment. Don't make it drudgery. If you pass by a ride whose line is surprisingly short - go for it! Make the most of any spontaneous happening that comes your way. For any other details, call Disneyland's main voice mail menu, dial (714) 781-4565.

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We are continually researching and updating to bring you the latest and the greatest to help you plan the best family vacation ever! In California, you will find a whole wide variety of activities and geographical areas nearby each other - unlike you might find anywhere else. Beaches, mountains, deserts, cities, forests, amusements, sports, hiking, the rich and famous, education - there's something for everyone! And all in a short drive from your Beach Vacation stay.

Bookmark us now - and come back often! Start your beach vacation plans, for it all starts with a plan. And sometimes planning is half the fun! We will try to make it fun for you!

So if you are flying in, driving from a nearby area, looking for road trips, or a local just making a day of it - let us help you make your California Beach Vacation - or any beach vacation - or any vacation - the perfect vacation time for you and your family. 

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