Traveling To Experience Lake Superior

Le Fri 13 January 2017

Once you have seen all the extraordinary photos of Lake Superior and the environment around it, you will never be able to stop dreaming of being there. In the farthest northern part of Upper Michigan, called the Copper Country, there are many stunning things to see and experience, but Lake Superior is the epitome of that area?s beauty and charm. Much of this locale is scattered with picturesque villages in the midst of wooded areas that allow you to feel you have traveled back to a quieter, more innocent time.

While spending time in that area, there are so many tourist attractions to see that it would take an entire season to visit them all. Obviously there are the ?ghost towns? that were once inhabited by coal miners and their families. Old lighthouses are definitely something that should not be missed while you are in Upper Michigan. Waterfalls have never been more soothing than those that are way north of the Straits.

Some people who have wanted to see this part of Michigan have considered going there by airplane because of the long drive to get there. After thinking it over, they realize that a plane ride would be a waste of time on this type of trip. All the sites on the trip to the U.P. are too magnificent to see from the window of a plane.

Spending the night in one of the quaint little cabins along the way is too romantic to miss. The night may be a little chilly, but you will be cozy and warm in front of the stone fireplace. If you have the opportunity, make sure you take a Finnish sauna while you are up north. Many of these places are right along Lake Superior with just a few steps to the beach with all the white sand and clean, clear water. Just being able to sit on the beach and smell Lake Superior is both relaxing and exhilarating.

Not only is there a Casino in the Baraga/L?Anse area of the U.P., there are Native Americans there who have their homemade beadwork, baskets, and copper jewelry available. Near the reservation, there are little shops where you can purchase not only these types of items, but also there are many books available about the history of the Copper Country and its people. Seasonal vegetable and fruit stands are everywhere.

Assuming that you will be traveling from Lower Michigan across the Mackinac Straits, you won?t want to miss all the sites that start there. Lake Michigan has many places where you can picnic and even do some swimming. The beaches along the road are very appealing. There are many tourist shops in that area that will be an enjoyment to your entire family.

Just traveling across the Mackinac Bridge is an unforgettable experience. As you go across the bridge, you can smell the freshest air in the world. If you happen to travel at night, it will take your breath away. During the holidays, the bridge glitters with lights. If you are a passenger, you won?t want to sleep through that wonderful experience!

If you haven?t tasted Finnish pasties, make sure you stop and pick some of those up for eating on the trip north. Shops advertising the freshest, most delicious smoked fish, venison, or buffalo are along the highway from the bridge all the way up to Lake Superior. Have you ever tasted potato sausage? Oh my, what a treat!

When you travel to the Lake Superior area of Michigan, take your time to enjoy all the sights and sounds and especially the clean air. Remember, the beaches up there don?t close and it costs you nothing to stop alongside the road and run into the refreshing blue water for a swim. If you prefer, you can just walk along the water's edge looking for pretty rocks or agates. Stop and eat your lunch at one of the many picnic tables that are available beside the highway as well as many rest areas.

Whether you travel by car and stop for the night at a cabin, drive a motorhome, pull a pop-up camper behind your van, or plan to do some tent camping, this will be the trip you will talk to your friends about for years. Take lots of film for your camera because you will want to have tons of pictures for your memory books after your travels in the Land of Lake Superior.



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