Alaska Hunting Guide Services for Big Game Hunters

Le Fri 13 January 2017

Alaska hunting guide services for big game hunting are available for every area of the State. And because Alaska is such a BIG and WILD place, the people that guide here have to know what they are doing!

You will find guides that will take you on hunts for brown bears, black bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, mountain goats, Sitka black-tailed deer and even wolves and wolverines.

There are two main types of guides. Those that just take you to the hunting site and you do your own unguided hunting. Or those that provide complete service. The complete service usually includes cabins or tent camping equipment and meals. They dress and pack the game for you or help you with it and transport it back or make arrangements for you. Some even pick up your hunting licenses and game tags for you! But anything you need help with, I'm sure any of them will bend over backward to ensure you get all the help you need.

Hunting seasons vary in different areas of the state and each guide service has it's specific times for each type of hunt. So check early to find the guide service that will fit your needs for the hunt you are looking for. Your guide service will also answer any questions you have about what is needed and where and how you go about getting tags, licenses, etc.

There are many hunting guide services available but I have only listed a few here. I will be adding to this list from time to time. But all of the hunting guides know where to take you, to get real trophies!

Because some of them have specific areas in which they operate, I have tried to categorize them that way, to make it easier for you to find the one you want.

The following guides operate in Various Areas of Alaska that are remote and full of wildlife:

Branch River Air Service 907-246-3437 OR 907-248-3539 OR PO Box 545 King Salmon AK 99613
Top Gun Treks 907-376-2327 OR 907-355-4778 OR HC 34 Box 2058 (Mi 45.2 Parks Hwy) Wasilla AK 99654
Wild Alaskan Guides 907-783-2355 OR PO Box 235 Girdwood AK 99587
Inland Aviation Services 907-675-4624 OR PO Box 244 Aniak AK 99557

Each of these Alaska hunting guides is allowed to operate in a very specific region of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

Arctic Alaska Guide Service 907-457-1240 PO Box 82204 Fairbanks AK 99708
Arctic Alaska Adventures 907-248-7631 OR 338 Winchester Way Wiseman Village AK 99790
Bristol Bay Outfitters 907-278-0994 OR 3450 Stanford Dr Anchorage AK 99508
Bushcraft Guide Service 907-479-3608 PO Box 130 Ester AK 99725
Deltana Outfitters 907-895-5006 OR 800-601-5006 OR PO Box 1538-W Delta Junction AK 99737
Glacier Mountain Outfitters 907-883-3817 OR PO Box 802 Tok AK 99780
Ram Aviation 907-252-7880 OR PO Box 1846 Kenai AK 99611

Alaska hunting guides operating in Southwestern Alaska:

Alaska Grizzly Skins 907-520-5009 OR 907-376-2234 OR PO Box 273 King Salmon AK 99613

Since Kodiak Island is known to have the LARGEST brown bears in the world on it, this is an excellent place to go hunting for your trophy bear.

Horstman's Kodiak Guide Service 907-942-7738 OR PO Box 8286 Kodiak AK 99615

Alaska will continue to provide trophy-sized animals as long as we help to keep the natural environment there like it's been for thousands of years. So I want to thank you, as a hunter, for appreciating the necessity of keeping the wilderness in it's pristine state. I know you will do your part.

Whatever Alaska hunting guide service you use, hope you get the trophy you are looking for! And come back again soon for another great hunt.


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